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Update: National #PayUp Meeting & Next Steps!

Hundreds of you joined us for our very first National #PayUp meeting on March 27. We came together and talked about how we go from big ideas to crafting real policy. We dug into some of the issues people are seeing across different apps. And we talked about the next steps we can all take to make gig companies finally #PayUp.

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100% of that tip goes to DoorDash's bottom line.

DoorDash promises to pay just $1 for any given job that comes from their own money. Past that one dollar – literally, one single dollar — the more the customer tips, the less DoorDash pays. They just replace pay with tips. And despite how much they like to say “transparency”, they don’t even actually show workers how much pay is coming from the company on a given job, and how much is from the tip.

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"Delivery Startups Are Using Tips To Fulfill Pay Promises, And Customers Are Mad" — BuzzFeed

“Instacart confirmed that when its payment algorithm determines a driver should be paid below that guaranteed $10, the company uses the customer’s predelivery, “up front” tip to cover the difference. The “up front” tip is automatically set to 5% on the Instacart app; if the customer removes the tip, and the payout would be below $10, Instacart itself covers the cost. The company said the number of orders where the algorithmically determined payment comes out to under $10 is low, but declined to specify a percentage.”

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