Oops! DoorDash CEO suggests the company pays the equivalent of less than $6/hour

Check this out— DoorDash sent an email to drivers where they acknowledge they are scrambling because “there has been a lot of discussion in the media” about their pay model… and in response they’re launching surveys & round tables.

They also claim that workers in the US averaged “more than $17.50 per hour on a delivery” last year. Even if that $17.50 figure is accurate, it works out to less than $6/hour after backing out tips and accounting for the cost of mileage, contractors’ additional payroll taxes, and other expenses.

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Here’s how the math breaks down. Based on the pay data we’ve seen, a very conservative estimate would be at least about 30% of total income comes from tips. That means that $17.50 in income is only about $12.25 of pay — before mileage.

Another conservative estimate would be that an hour of delivery requires at least about 10 miles driven. Ten miles of driving at IRS rate of 58¢/mile is $5.80 in expenses for that hour — so we’re now at $6.45/hour in equivalent hourly pay. Contractors have to pay additional payroll taxes (7.65%), so that takes it down below $6 — we’re now at $5.96/hour in actual hourly pay, after accounting minimally for expenses.

This is according to DoorDash’s own figures.

Also worth mentioning…

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