DoorDash workers

DoorDash pays workers as little as $1 per delivery, and they’re one of the companies that pioneered the system of taking tips by misleading customers. While Instacart has changed its pay policy under intense pressure, DoorDash continues to stand by their shady policy of paying workers less when customers tip more. We’ll see how long that lasts…


Doordash Pay calculators

When your pay is set by a black-box algorithm, it can be tough to figure out what kind of money you’re actually making. Use these calculators to figure out what Instacart actually paid after expenses — or what they’re actually offering. You can also use the calculators to submit data so we can see what batches are paying out now.

How DoorDash’s shady pay model works

DoorDash promises to pay just $1 for any given job that comes from their own money. Past that one dollar – literally, one single dollar — the more the customer tips, the less DoorDash pays. They just replace pay with tips. And despite how much they like to say “transparency”, they don’t even actually show workers how much pay is coming from the company on a given job, and how much is from the tip.

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op-ed by DoorDash worker Chris palmer

“I quickly learned that $25/hour wage was a distant fantasy. That figure, based on the maximum a “Dasher” could make before expenses, was a ceiling, not a guarantee. Instead, I was earning closer to $9 an hour — below the minimum wage — and I found myself spending more and more time behind the wheel. Sometimes I worked 70-hour weeks just to break even.



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