June 15th: Join the Postmates Blitz Up!

UPDATE: The Blitz Up is on for Saturday June 15th. Click here for all the info you need to make the Blitz Up a success.

In mid-May, Postmates cut pay overnight — with no warning — by about 30%. The company cut base rates, cut per-mile rates, and got rid of their “guaranteed minimum” per job. Even before this most recent round of cuts, pay on Postmates was far too low. That’s why we’re demanding that Postmates pay a guaranteed minimum of at least $6 per delivery, PLUS the cost of mileage from when we accept a job to when we drop it off.

We’re going to raise up that demand with a “Blitz Up” — a day when Postmates workers refuse jobs that aren’t in Blitz mode. More than 2,500 Postmates workers have already signed on to join our Postmates Blitz Up — and it’s happening on Saturday, June 15th.

Sign on to join the Blitz Up on June 15th!

Postmates workers: Sign on below (or using this link), then check out the details on how to make it happen on June 15th!

Not a Postmates worker, but want to support the Blitz Up? Click here then scroll down for info on how to leave a message with the Postmates service line.

The plan to Blitz Up on June 15th


How to join the Blitz Up

  1. GET READY: Go to "preferences" in your Fleet app. Make sure you have auto-accept turned OFF, and Blitz notifications turned ON.

  2. STAY OFFLINE until you see a Blitz notification.

  3. REJECT ALL JOBS UNLESS they have have a Blitz bonus of at least 1.5x attached to them. If you see a job with a Blitz bonus of 1.5x or more, take it!

When your area goes into Blitz mode — take screenshots & share them with us at this link. And keep spreading the word about what you’re seeing in your area all day on social media with #blitzup.

don’t forget to spread the word and share with other Postmates workers too!