It’s time to reboot the gig economy.


Instacart workers showed what’s possible when they came together and sparked a national media sensation that transformed the entire pay model of a $7 billion corporation. But we’re not done yet — now workers are joining forces across all different apps and across the country to reboot the gig economy so it works for all of us — not just the investors and the billionaires.


Let’s make the gig economy #PayUp

Customers and workers value the flexibility & convenience offered by the gig economy. But that doesn’t mean these multibillion dollar companies should get away with taking tips, cutting pay, and hiding behind black-box algorithms. That’s why gig workers all over the country are coming together to call for new laws and policies that make these companies pay up.

What we’re calling for:


$15 + Expenses.

Establish a minimum pay floor of at least $15 for every hour worked with an active job, plus the cost of mileage and other expenses paid by contractors.


Tips on top.

Ensure that a tip is a tip — an extra from the customer to the worker which is a supplement to what a company is paying, not a substitute.



Provide a detailed breakdown of jobs, including time, miles, pay, and units of work — so we know why we’re being paid what we’re being paid.