Instacart workers

When the $7 billion grocery app Instacart cut workers’ pay and started taking tips, workers & customers fought back and got the company to make changes. Workers got the company to finally admit they were taking tips, agree to stop, and even cut checks for backpay. But we’re not done yet.


Instacart Pay calculators

When your pay is set by a black-box algorithm, it can be tough to figure out what kind of money you’re actually making. Use these calculators to figure out what Instacart actually paid after expenses — or what they’re actually offering. You can also use the calculators to submit data so we can see what batches are paying out now.


Check your check

There are a lot of issues with how Instacart is paying batches...but in the end, it comes down to total pay, expenses, and time. We need to keep an eye on what those numbers look like — use this tool to submit your Weekly Earnings so we can track what they're really paying.


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