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Blitz Up Sat. 6/15!

On Saturday, June 15th, thousands of Postmates workers are joining a Blitz Up to protest recent pay cuts by the company and literally raise their pay for the day. The idea is pretty simple: if enough workers reject jobs that aren’t in Blitz (surge) mode, the app will have to go into Blitz mode to make sure customers get their food — making Postmates attach additional pay to each job & raising workers pay for the day.

LIVE SATURDAY JUNE 15th AT 10am Pacific / 11 am Mountain / 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern: Watch Postmates workers launch the action on Facebook Live on Working Washington’s Facebook page.


Postmates workers are Blitzing up…


How workers can join the Blitz Up

  1. GET READY: Go to "preferences" in your Fleet app. Make sure you have auto-accept turned OFF, and Blitz notifications turned ON.

  2. STAY OFFLINE until you see a Blitz notification.

  3. REJECT ALL JOBS UNLESS they have have a Blitz bonus of at least 1.5x attached to them. If you see a job with a Blitz bonus of 1.5x or more, take it!

When your area goes into Blitz mode — take screenshots & share them with us at this link. And keep spreading the word about what you’re seeing in your area all day on social media with #blitzup.

How customers can support the Blitz Up

  1. Call Postmates service line at 888-815-7726 and let them know you support workers taking action today. Be polite and ask them to take down a message like this:
    “I'm a Postmates customer, and I'm calling because I want Postmates to pay its workers at least $6 per job plus the cost of mileage.”

  2. Learn more about what pay on Postmates really looks like.

  3. If you’re a Postmates customer thinking about ordering delivery today — go ahead and place your order! Postmates won’t necessarily pass on Blitz costs to customers, and regardless, if you know your driver is making better pay, that’s a good thing! (Also, don’t forget to tip!)