"Together, we’ve re-established a simple human standard for the gig economy"

Statement regarding DoorDash’s announcement they will stop swiping tips.

The following statement can be attributed to Rachel Lauter, Executive Director of Working Washington, in reaction to the announcement by DoorDash CEO Tony Xu that the company intends to stop swiping customer tips:

“First at Instacart and now at DoorDash, the Pay Up campaign has organized workers, spoken out to customers, and created irresistible public pressure that transformed the pay model of a multibillion-dollar corporation. 

Together, we’ve re-established a simple human standard for the gig economy: tips are on top of pay. 

But DoorDash has been swiping customer tips since they first deployed their deceptive pay model in 2017. So we expect to hear more from the CEO about how the company will ensure those past two years of misappropriated tips are accounted for and redistributed to the workers who should have received them in the first place. We also look forward to seeing the details of the company’s new pay model, and will do what it takes to ensure that workers’ voices are central to the conversation about whatever new scheme they roll out.

And the thousands and thousands of workers and customers who have joined our Pay Up campaign will continue to move forward to advance all three of our big demands to reboot the gig economy: a pay floor of $15/hour + expenses for time with an active job, tips on top, and a transparent detailed breakdown of pay.”