statement re: DoorDash announcement on pay model today

Today, DoorDash offered more information on how they plan to adjust their pay model and stop pocketing customers’ tips — but a month after their initial announcementthey still haven’t mentioned quite when they will stop. And the key question remains: will they pay workers backpay for the customer tips the company has been misappropriating since 2017?

Until they answer that question, it’s difficult to be too trusting of an updated black-box pay model that utterly lacks the transparency workers need to know why they’re getting paid what they’re getting paid — and offers as little as $2 a job. 

But it’s also worth remembering that earlier this year, three major gig companies were pocketing tips which customers intended for workers: DoorDash, Instacart, and Amazon Flex (Prime Now). After workers and customers spoke up and fought back, Instacart reversed themselves in February (and paid back pay). Amazon said they would stop swiping tips earlier this week.

And today, DoorDash reiterated their intention to change their pay model too. This is an extraordinary victory for the 10,000+ gig workers organizing with the Pay Up campaign, who have made incredible progress the past few months in their campaign to reboot the gig economy by establishing a pay floor of $15 + expenses for time worked; tips on top; and a transparent, detailed breakdown of pay.