what DoorDash's new pay model means for workers

A month ago, DoorDash announced that they were FINALLY going to stop swiping workers' tips.

And today, they've announced what their new pay model will look like.

Along the way, we've been communicating our demands to DoorDash execs — telling them that in addition to tips being on top, gig companies like DoorDash must commit to a pay floor of at least $15/hr PLUS the cost of expenses, and improve transparency on pay.

DoorDash's new model doesn't hit that mark — it still sets pay with a black-box algorithm, and offers as little as $2 a job.

The good news: with every move gig companies like DoorDash make, it's clearer and clearer that we're building real power.

Workers re-shaped the narrative about tips in the gig economy. At the beginning of this year, three major gig companies — Instacart, DoorDash, and Amazon Flex — were pocketing tips that customers intended for workers.

Instacart reversed their policy when workers spoke out back in February. Amazon Flex they would stop swiping tips yesterday. And today, DoorDash has finally released a pay model that keeps tips where they belong: on top.

This is what the Pay Up campaign is all about: changing the way customers, the media, and the public talk about the gig economy. And we're already winning concessions from multi-billion dollar companies.

And in two weeks, we're holding Raise Days: the first national, cross-app action by gig workers.

Raise Days is a chance to build off this victory. With a collective action, we can make it clear why we need new laws that make gig companies truly accountable to paying their workers.

Will you join us?

If you've already signed on to Raise Days, that's great! Thank you so much for being a part of it. It just takes a few minutes to amplify our voice — share the link with fellow gig workers, in Facebook groups, or on your own Facebook or TwitterHere's the link you can copy & paste: https://payup.wtf/raisedays

Emily D