The Pay Up campaign announces: Raise Days - Sept 5-8!

Across the country, the Pay Up campaign has brought together ten thousand gig workers on apps like Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates, and more. And now, we’re fighting for three new laws to protect gig workers’ pay: a pay floor of at least $15/hr + the cost of expenses, tips on top, and transparency.

These are BIG changes that will reboot the gig economy. And if we want to fight for big changes, we need to make some noise.

That’s why this September, after Labor Day, we’re holding Raise Days — four days of action for gig workers’ rights.

What’s Raise Days?

For the four days of action from Sept 5 - 8, we’ll set our OWN pay floor by refusing jobs that pay below $15/hr + the cost of expenses (or minimum wage in your area).

Plus, we’re doing something a little different each day to speak out for change.

Sign on below (or click here) to show your commitment and make sure you get all the info you need to participate in Raise Days.

What Raise Days will look like:

  • Sept 5 - 8: setting our own pay floor

    One major goal of the #PayUp campaign is to pass a new law requiring companies to pay independent contractors at least $15/hr plus the cost of expenses. So during Raise Days, from Sept. 5 to 8, we’re setting our own pay floor. We’re exercising our right as independent contractors to choose what jobs we take — and refusing jobs that don’t #PayUp. (We’ll provide calculators for different apps so you can make sure the pay you’re being offered meets the pay floor of $15/hr — or the minimum wage in your area — plus the cost of expenses.)

  • Thursday, Sept 5: Taking it to the companies

    On Sept. 5, we’re kicking off Raise Days by holding demonstrations at gig company offices to send a message directly to the CEOs.

    If you’re near San Francisco or Seattle, you can sign up to join us at an in-person action. (Click here to RSVP for the San Francisco action and here to RSVP for the Seattle action.) Not in SF or Seattle but want to participate? Click here to send us a video we can share at our in-person actions.

  • Friday, Sept 6: Taking it to the politicians

    On Sept. 6, we’re sending a message to legislators: it’s time for new laws to protect gig workers’ rights. We’ll be emailing and calling our local & state lawmakers, asking them to support the #PayUp demands: a pay floor of $15/hr + expenses, tips on top, and transparency.

  • saturday, Sept 7: Taking it to the customers

    On Sept 7, we’re holding outreach events at chains that partner with Instacart, DoorDash, and Postmates. We’ll post up outside partner stores & hand out flyers to get the word out to customers & fellow gig workers. Want to see if there’s an outreach event near you so you can join in? Click here for a list of locations & RSVP!

  • Sunday, Sept 8: coming together & looking to the future

    On the final day of Raise Days, we’ll come together online to celebrate our collective action and talk about next steps to make our #PayUp demands into reality.

If you work for a company like Instacart, Postmates, DoorDash, or any other company in the gig economy, you can take part. Gig workers’ voices should be heard. Join together with thousands of workers across the country & speak out for change.

Sign on above (or click here) to join Raise Days.