Statement regarding DoorDash's revised policy of appropriating customer tips

"$1 is still $1"

The following statement can be attributed to the Working Washington Pay Up Campaign in response to DoorDash’s announcement today about their new policy of transparently appropriating customer tips:

"Talking about transparency is good. And admitting you pay $1/job is better than denying it. 

But $1 is still $1. 

DoorDash continues to stand behind an entirely opaque pay model which offers no way for workers to understand why they’re getting paid what they’re getting paid. They continue to subtract tips from worker pay. And they continue to mislead customers about where their tips are going. When a customer tips more, DoorDash pays less — in other words, the customer is tipping the company.

All of these practices are wildly unpopular.

That’s why thousands of workers across different apps are uniting around the three key demands of the #PayUp campaign: a minimum pay floor of $15/hour + expenses for time with an active job; tips on top; and a detailed breakdown of pay.

DoorDash, Mediasage