Raise Days Day 2: elected officials are listening

On Day 1 of Raise Days, we made sure gig company execs heard us loud and clear at our actions in Seattle & SF.

Day 2 is all about making sure lawmakers hear us too.

This morning, gig workers took part in a livestream speak-out with elected officials from across the country. We told our stories & talked about how local lawmakers are already working towards making our #PayUp goals into reality.

It was an incredible conversation. Francheska, Jason, and Darren spoke powerfully about their experiences working in the gig economy. The elected officials who joined — State Sen. McMorrow of Michigan, City Councilmember Fletcher from Minneapolis, and State Sen. Keiser of Washington — were deeply engaged and shared valuable insight into how we can all do our part to push forward new protections at the local level.

It’s absolutely worth a watch:

And you can do your part too — use our simple tool to automatically send a message to your local legislators telling them we need their support to make the gig economy #PayUp!

Stay tuned for Day 3, and remember to use our calculators to help set your pay floor.