Raise Days: Recap!

What went down during Raise Days from Sept. 5 - 8? Workers came together across apps, and across the country, to fight for better pay — with demonstrations outside company offices, livestreams with lawmakers, and more. Check out the quick video recap below.

Raise Days showed us that when we come together, we can build real power.

  • Workers at our actions in San Francisco got to speak directly with executives and didn't back down in telling them exactly why we're fighting.

  • Workers in Seattle set up a panel with City Council members to explain what we need to see changed.

  • Workers across the country connected with legislators from WA, MI, and MN at our livestream on Friday, and heard from lawmakers about steps they're already taking to respond to our demands.

  • On Saturday, workers in LA, New York, Chicago, Tucson, and a dozen more cities reached out to customers at parter stores to spread the word.

  • Our actions were covered in local & national news outlets, getting the word out about why gig workers are calling for better pay.

Workers with the Pay Up campaign are shaping the narrative about why we need better pay. Lawmakers, the media, and the public are paying attention. And every single one of us is a part of that change.

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Emily D