"Workers accuse grocery app Instacart of misusing their tips" — KIRO-7 TV (Seattle)

KIRO-7 TV in Seattle has a great piece on Instacart’s shady tip-taking policy, featuring Instacart workers Ashley Knudson.

That's supposed to be on top and extra for the hard work that we're doing,” said Ashley Kundson, who is an Instacart shopper in Tacoma. “We'd like to be compensated fairly,” she said.

Kundson says the problem she and other workers are dealing with is they’re getting paid less for their work, and that the problem started a couple of months ago when Instacart changed its system of how they pay shoppers.

“The decrease in our wages of at least 30 percent - it's just not fair,” Knudson said. “We can see how they're using the customers' tips to pay us less,” she said.

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