Thanks for voting to Blitz Up on Postmates

Now, it’s time for the next step.

We already have thousands of Postmates workers across the country signed on to Blitz Up. But more workers = more power. If you want the Blitz Up to work in your area, we need workers in your area to sign on.

Share the link to the Blitz Up page on Facebook and Twitter, and reach out to workers one on one online on places like Reddit and in Postmates Facebook groups.

And you can print flyers (click here) so you can strike up conversation with Postmates workers you meet IRL and bring them into the cause.

When you talk to fellow Postmates workers, make sure to tell them why you voted to Blitz Up and why they should too.

When workers come together, we can make change happen. No matter how much Postmates wants to cut our pay down. We’re standing up and fighting back — thank you for being a part of it.