Postmates Blitz Up Flyers

Use these flyers to spread the word about our Postmates Blitz Up on Saturday, June 15th and get as many Postmates workers, customers, and supporters on board as possible.

Flyers for Postmates workers

You can print the PDF here (or get the four-per-page version you can cut out here, or alternative black-and-white version designed by Lesley, a Postmates worker in Portland) and then use it to strike up conversation with Postmates workers when you run into them at stores and restaurants. Let them know why you’re voting to Blitz Up, and why they should too. Make sure they know to visit to join us. (The best way to make sure they sign on is to pull up this link on your phone and ask them to fill it out right there!

Flyers for Postmates customers & supporters

We know Postmates will have to pay attention if enough workers speak out — but if we want to be as effective as possible, we’ll need customers on our side too.

That’s why we’re asking customers (and other supporters) to join us on Saturday, June 15th to participate in the Blitz Up by calling Postmates and telling them customers stand with Postmates workers in demanding better pay.

You can use these flyers to strike up conversation with your customers and get them on board. Let them know that Postmates has cut pay and many of our jobs end up paying below minimum wage. Let them know we need them to stand with workers and all it takes is a phone call.

For more background on the Blitz Up action, go here.