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Join us for Raise Days!

Thursday, 9/5 - Sunday, 9/8

This week the Pay Up campaign is taking the next step with Raise Days — four days of action to make the gig economy pay up, including protests at gig company offices on Thursday, a speakout with elected officials on Friday, customer outreach events on Saturday, and more. Here’s what’s happening:

ALL RAISE DAYS LONG: Set your own pay floor

For all of Raise Days from Sept 5 - 8, we’ll each be setting our own pay floor by refusing jobs that pay below $15/hr + the cost of expenses (or minimum wage in your area). The apps don’t always make it easy to figure out this info, so we built a pay floor calculator and a weekly pay calculator to make it easier. But if you don’t have time to use a calculator, here’s a simple way to estimate what a job is paying after expenses. Take 10% off of what the job is paying, then subtract half the miles, and you’ll get a rough estimate of what you’re getting paid after expenses. Then estimate the time the job will take to figure out the hourly rate.

THURSDAY 9/5: Delivering our message to gig companies

We’re heading to gig company corporate offices in San Francisco & the Seattle area to deliver bags full of messages from 10,000+ gig workers across the country about how & why these companies need to pay up. We’ll also have a special delivery: peanuts, because that’s what these companies are paying us.

In the Seattle area:

11:00am in Bellevue, WA: We’ll gather at Bellevue Downtown Park (10201 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004) then head to the nearby Postmates Engineering Office to deliver our messages

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In San Francisco:

2:00pm: Instacart Corporate HQ (50 Beale St)
3:30pm: Postmates Corporate HQ (201 Third St)
4:30 pm: DoorDash Corporate HQ (901 Market St)

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FRIDAY 9/6: Delivering our message to politicians

Gig workers will take part in an online speak-out with elected officials from across the country to discuss new laws and policies to make the gig economy pay up.

Friday, September 6th, 11:00 am PT / 2:00pm ET, live online

RSVP here to make sure you don’t miss the speak-out when it streams on Facebook Live!

SATURDAY 9/7: Delivering our message to customers

We’ll be reaching out to customers at Chipotle and Costco locations across the country. These are key corporate partners of the major gig companies. Check out this page for info on outreach actions in your area.

SUNDAY 9/8: Coming together

On the final day of Raise Days, we’ll come together online to celebrate our collective action and talk about next steps to make our #PayUp demands into reality. Get plugged in by joining our Pay Up Facebook Group!