Why Postmates workers are fighting back & Blitzing Up

Overnight on Saturday May 18, Postmates “updated” their pay structure — cutting pay for workers up to 30% with no warning. They cut base rates, cut per-mile rates, and got rid of their “guaranteed minimum” per job.

Postmates workers are rising up to demand better from this $2 billion company: a guaranteed minimum of $6/job, plus expenses. And we’re going to make it happen with a “Blitz Up” — a day when Postmates workers refuse jobs that aren’t in Blitz mode.

This map shows just a handful of the thousands of Postmates workers across the country joining together to Blitz Up — and their reasons for fighting back. Click the icons on the map to see some of the reasons Postmates workers are speaking out.


I’m participating in the Blitz Up because the only way to improve pay for gig workers is for us to finally band together and take action!

- Shana, Fort Lauderdale, FL

At what point does Postmates realize they are violating our liberties? We are people who have families to support, bills, and gas to pay.

- Shayan, Los Angeles, CA

We have to support this movement. How dare Postmates brag that they are making billions of dollars yearly at our expense and they cannot even afford at least a decent pay rate?

- Christian, Brooklyn, NY

I have worked delivering Postmates full-time for a long time now. And with this pay cut, I have to work two times as long as before, and still not make the same.

- Lauren, Murfreesboro, TN


I (and many others) will NOT continue to support a company that does not support its workers. We will NOT stand by and watch as a multi-billion dollar company exploits the laborers who make up its very foundation. A company that devalues its people — workers and consumers alike — will not remain afloat for long. Do the right thing, Postmates. Step up...or go down.

- Julie, Oklahoma City, OK

I'm a student trying to make some form of income during the summer that works around my schedule. Before the pay cut it was decent enough where I would be able to make $5-6 a drive, but it is very disheartening. It almost feels like I'm doing nothing when I get paid $3 flat for a drive. I'm hoping the Blitz Up will make our voices heard and Postmates will raise the pay to something more acceptable.

- Christopher, Portland, OR

I've never worked for any company that can just change your rate of pay with no warning or a reason as to why they did this other than saying it's to benefit us. It clearly is not benefiting us. It’s benefiting Postmates.

- Mark, Tucson, AZ

No rich person is working as a driver for Postmates. The statement that you'll make $23/hour is blatantly false. If that were true, none of this would be happening.

- Jose, Kansas City, MO


Postmates used to be a great service where you could do honest work and get paid. Now, no matter how hard you try or how well you do, it’s impossible to make even minimum wage on a regular basis, even with no downtime.

- Jack, Simi Valley, CA

Postmates’ wages have dropped to abysmal levels. They've incrementally kept getting worse over the years, and now their corporate greed has gone too far. We all need to band together if we want to be paid fairly.

- Alex, Los Angeles, CA

The pay cut was ridiculous. It’s crazy that I’ll waste $6 in gas to go to a delivery to only make $3. Definitely losing more money than I’m making.

- Natasha, Richmond, VA

I’m tired of the unfairness. Gas is more a gallon than what Postmates pays per delivery. I’ve done over 1000 deliveries and I don’t feel appreciated or like they care. They are showing us we need to protest.

- Lazeric, Chicago, IL