A simple “rap” for your conversations

Whether you’re organizing online or IRL, it can be helpful to think about how you structure your conversation to make sure you’re really connecting and hearing people’s issues. Remember: most of the people you’re talking to have heard a lot less about the work we’re doing than you have. You probably shouldn’t start out by just asking them to sign on — instead, have a genuine conversation with them where you ask what kinds of issues they’re dealing with & talk about how you think we can change things.

As you talk to more and more workers, you’ll find your own style — it’s ultimately about being authentic and empathetic rather than following a set structure. But if you’re looking for guidance, here’s a simple “rap” you can follow, whether you’re talking to people IRL or online:

  1. Introduction
    Particularly if you’re talking to workers IRL, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself :) if you wanted to, you could even let them know you’re supporting a campaign for gig workers’ rights. This is probably less necessary if you’re reaching out in Facebook comments.

  2. Identifying issues
    Ask about what kinds of issues they’re dealing with: “Is the pay always that low?” or “Does DoorDash take tips like Instacart was doing too?”

  3. Agitation
    In order to see that there’s real hope for change & a reason to get involved, people need to know that their issues matter. They also need a chance to think deeply about those issues. Ask them about how the issues they bring up affect them and their coworkers — and let them know you’ve seen Instacart do the same shady stuff & you want to help change it.

  4. Ask
    Don’t end the conversation without asking the person you’re talking to to take the next step! That could mean filling out the Shady App Watch tool, signing on to the #PayUp demands, or sharing their contact info with you. Think about where they’re at before you decide what to ask them to do…

    • Are they curious about the work we’re doing, or have a lot to share about issues on their app? They should fill out the Shady App Watch tool and let us know what’s up.

    • On board for the bigger fight already? They should sign on to the #PayUp demands.

    • Want to connect one on one? Ask them for their contact info and then pass it on to gig@workingwa.org.