Collecting info for follow-up

This is probably the single most important thing to keep in mind when you’re reaching out to other workers. Getting people’s contact info allows us to follow up with them and keep them engaged. People generally need a lot of opportunities to join in so they can find one that works for them.

Even if someone really wants to be part of the campaign, the odds that they’ll remember to look up a website or sign on to a petition after they talk to you are pretty slim! But if you offer them a chance to share their info with us when you talk to them, we can email or text them and make sure they’re plugged in.

Three good ways to collect contact info from workers you talk to online or in real life:

  • Ask them to fill out the Shady App Watch — a tool we built so we could learn more about issues with pay on all kinds of apps. This is a good link to share with workers on other apps who are interested in organizing, but want to learn more about what it looks like before signing on to join a campaign.

  • Ask them to sign on to the #PayUp petition. This petition names the three key changes we’re fighting for. This is a good link to share with workers who are excited about organizing and on board with the long-term vision of fighting for laws & policies that would protect gig workers’ rights & pay.

  • Ask for their name, email, and phone number. Let them know you’ll be passing it on to an organizer so they aren’t surprised when we reach out! You can then email it to so we can get in touch.