Postmates workers are fighting back

Overnight on Saturday May 18, Postmates “updated” their pay structure — cutting pay for workers by up to 30% with no warning. They cut base rates, cut per-mile rates, and got rid of their “guaranteed minimum” per job.

Obviously, Postmates workers and the Pay Up campaign aren’t going to stand for this.

Over 1,600 Postmates workers have signed on to our petition to tell Postmates it’s time to pay up. And last week, 100 Postmates workers came together on next steps. Here’s the plan.

If 2,000 workers sign on, we’re calling for a Blitz Up: a day of action where Postmates workers refuse jobs unless they go into blitz/bonus mode.

Our demand: Postmates must raise the minimum guarantee to $6 per delivery, plus the cost of mileage. (All our mileage — from when we accept the order to when we drop it off.)

If Postmates doesn’t raise their pay, we’ll call for our Blitz Up to show them how much power we have when we stand together.

If you’re a Postmates worker, click here to vote and participate in the Blitz Up.

If you’re not a Postmates worker, click here to sign the petition to Postmates and then share it to bring more supporters on board.

Thanks for helping us tell Postmates it’s time to #PayUp!