Blitz Up customer solidarity!

Overnight on Saturday May 18th, Postmates “updated” their pay structure — cutting pay for workers by up to 30% with no warning. They cut base rates, cut per-mile rates, and got rid of their “guaranteed minimum” per job. Now, many Postmates workers are reporting rates that come out to less than the minimum wage after expenses are factored in.

Postmates workers are rising up to demand better from this $2 billion company: a guaranteed minimum of $6/job, plus mileage. And we’re going to make it happen with a “Blitz Up” — a day when Postmates workers refuse jobs that aren’t in Blitz mode.

Thousands of workers across the country have joined the Blitz Up — but if we want to make Postmates pay attention, we need customers and supporters to show their solidarity with workers.

What you can do:

1. Spread the word about Postmates’ pay cuts and why workers are fighting back.

Click here to Tweet at Postmates and ask them why they’re cutting pay for workers. Spreading the word on social media is a huge way to support workers and make sure Postmates listens to us.

Click here to share the Blitz Up link on Facebook.

2. On Saturday, June 15, call Postmates’ customer service line and tell them you stand with workers.

It will only take a few minutes and it’s a big way to make sure Postmates knows customers are standing in solidarity with workers. If we can disrupt their system, they’ll have to listen up.

On Saturday, June 15, call the Postmates customer service line at 888-815-7726. Tell them: “I’m a Postmates customer, and I’m calling because I want Postmates to pay its workers at least $6 per job plus the cost of mileage.”

Keep in mind the customer service reps are workers too, and the people we really want to get the message to are the execs at Postmates HQ — so be polite & let them know they can make a note of your call to pass on to their supervisors!

Thanks so much for standing with Postmates workers and demanding better pay.