Move the #PayUp campaign forward by contacting local legislators

As we move towards building our #PayUp demands into real policies, one of the big things we can do is make sure the word is spreading & legislators know what gig workers want.

We don’t have a specific policy we can ask them to go ahead and pass into law yet — but we can ask them to sign on to our demands and start identifying lawmakers at the local and state levels who can champion our ideas.

Want to be a part of that? Here’s how…

Step 1: Identify your local lawmakers at the city & state level

Type in your address here to find out who all your representatives are.

Good people to reach out to are your State Senate & House representatives, and your City Council members — especially if they’re the type to be leaders on these kinds of issues. Make note of their email addresses.

Step 2: Email them and ask them to sign on to our #PayUp demands

Email each of the legislators you’ve identified and let them know that you’re a gig worker who’s fighting for better pay & transparency in the gig economy. Don’t forget to CC on your email so we know who has been contacted!

Here’s a sample version of an email you can send — make sure to fill it in with your own info and your own story, because your words are what will make a real impact to legislators!


Dear [legislator’s name],

My name is [your name], and I’m a “gig economy” worker for [your app(s)]. I like working in the gig economy because _______, but gig workers are also seeing a lot of issues like __________.

Gig workers like me are speaking out for change — we need a pay floor so companies can’t get away with paying below minimum wage, a guarantee that our tips will be on top of pay, and transparency from the companies we work for.

And legislators are joining the cause by signing on to this open letter in support of gig workers’ rights:

Would you consider signing on and joining us in the fight for fair pay & transparency in the gig economy?

If you need more info, just let me know — or you can get more details at

Thank you,
[your name & contact info]

Step 3: Stay tuned as we identify champions for our ideas and make connections

Keep in touch with us at to let us know if you hear back from any legislators you contact, or if you have identified strong champions at the local level who are interested in fighting for gig workers’ rights. We can help set up meetings to help you & other workers in your area connect with legislators and move the conversation forward!